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We're so grateful to be able to work with so many powerful women and mothers. 
The value and joy we get from being involved in the pregnancy and parenting experience
is something we never forget, and are proud to be part of.

"There's so much good to say"

There’s so much good to say of our pregnancy and birth experience that Jess guided us through. She had a calm and assuring disposition through each meeting and into the delivery. Never once did we feel pressure or judgement to make a certain decision but rather encouraged to do our research (which she went beyond to help find resources for) and do what we were comfortable and happy with. Jess made me feel validated and empowered as a pregnant woman that I was capable of any delivery I chose or encountered and we hope that Jess will be there to bring our next baby into the world as well!
- Alaina Holitzki -

"It was a wonderful experience"

Natalie has provided care for two of my 3 pregnancies and I would choose to be with her again in a heartbeat. Her calm confident manner reassured me and addressed any worries I had, and I trusted and valued her throughout both my pregnancies and deliveries. In the delivery room she is such a calm quiet presence, it was a wonderful experience to have her supporting me as I brought our sweet babes into the world. Her care for both myself and my babies postpartum was amazing and I was sad when our time with her was over!
- Nikki -

"She was knowledgeable on all topics"

Jessica was an amazing midwife during my first pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable on all topics relating to my pregnancy and birth and she was able to provide all sides of the conversation and let me make informed decisions. During my labour and delivery she was a calm, supportive, positive voice and made sure me and my baby's health were always put first. During my postpartum period she was a constant figure of reassurance and went out of her way to find resources for me to help my baby when a concern was out of her realm. Jessica became a part of our family and we were so lucky she was such a huge part of ensuring our son was safely brought into this world.
- Nicole Coulter -

"I felt a connection and was at ease"

During my second birth, I had the pleasure of having Lee as my second midwife. I had not met Lee prior to being in labour, but immediately upon meeting her I felt a connection and was at ease. She had an incredibly calming persona to her, was tremendously encouraging, and I felt that she was the perfect addition to my birth!
- Colleen Moreau -

"She was everything I needed"

Natalie’s care is beyond compare. Ok that rhymes and was cheesy, but at the heart, is true. I was lucky enough to have Natalie as a Midwife in my first pregnancy. She was everything I needed, at the time I needed it; intuitively knowing what I need to hear at different moments. Her wealth of knowledge was obvious; the unbiased information and care she provided allowed me to make the decisions that were best for me and my family. I always appreciated her calm presence from pregnancy through postpartum and how she made herself available to me well beyond what I would have expected from a Care Provider.

In my second pregnancy, I was doubly blessed to have both Natalie and Jess as Midwives. To be honest, I think the world knew I needed two of the calmest, kindest and most grounded Midwives to help me not lose my mind completely in my challenging second pregnancy. Despite my frequent emails, calls, and losing my —— moments, this team never once made me feel anything less than perfectly normal. At my birth they worked seamlessly together to help make my experience the best I could have ever imagined.

I have nothing but respect for all Midwives, but feel more than that for Jess and Natalie. I feel privileged to have had them by my side. I feel love for the way they cared for not just me but my husband and my children. And I feel in awe of how they have been able to find the perfect balance in providing care that’s evidence based, informative, respectful, inclusive and kind.
- Julie McCoppen -

"Her confidence and positivity empowered me"

Jessica was my midwife when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2017 and am so grateful that she was part of our journey! She is very down-to-earth and calm which both my partner and I very much appreciated. During my prenatal visits, she always took the time needed to go over any questions I had to ensure I was well-informed. I never felt rushed or uncomfortable asking all of the of the many questions that go through your mind when you’re expecting. When it came time for my home birth, her confidence and positivity empowered me! She also was very inclusive which my older-daughter which was so special for all of us. The support and attention we received afterwards was unmatched by any other healthcare provider I have dealt with and I was so comforted knowing that our best interests was their priority. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jess and her team for anyone looking to make this experience safe and sacred.
- Jessica LeBerre -

"There with us every step of the way"

We had several challenges both pre and post-natally. Our midwife, Lee, was there with us every step of the way providing support, knowledge, and comfort. Her approach throughout was to provide us with all of the information available to make our own informed decisions; she respected every decision we made as parents and provided unconditional support. We never felt rushed and were always afforded plenty of time to ask any questions during appointments or to discuss anything we were struggling with; the environment in the clinic is relaxed and comforting. After we left the hospital, we had significant difficulties breastfeeding and our baby was losing too much weight; Lee came to our home 3 days in a row (including on a Saturday) for lengthy visits to help us navigate this difficult time. I have no idea what we would have done without her. I would highly recommend midwifery care to anyone who wants a more personal experience with their practitioner in a relaxed and supportive environment.
- Sabrina & Andrew -

"Everything we could have hoped for"

Natalie was everything we could have hoped for and then some as first time parents navigating bringing a baby into the world! Her calm, attentive nature helped us to feel informed and confident in our decisions. During the birth, Natalie knew just how to support us, when to give us our space and when to intervene. We are so grateful for her care!
- Robyn and Luke Desaulniers -

"She will always be a positive memory"

Jessica was a tremendous help and support to both my husband and I throughout our pregnancy. she cared for our individual requests and was a calm presence during delivery. She will always be a positive memory in the birth of our son.
- Dana Niessen -

"You will be lucky to have them by your side"

I had the pleasure to be accompanied by Natalie and Jessica for my prenatal visits, births and postnatal visits. I had one delivery with Jessica and another with Natalie two years later. Both midwives are so caring, patient, know when to be calm and poised and also know when to be assertive and decisive, but always with a caring mind. I loved my home birth experience and would recommend them to any expecting families. They made such a big difference in how empowered I was at my two last births as opposed as my first doctor assisted birth. You will be lucky to have them by your side.
- Justine & Brady -

"All-around amazing person to have on your birth team"

As somebody who struggles with anxiety, I can’t express how fortunate I was to have Natalie as my midwife for the arrival of both of my daughters. Throughout both pregnancies, she disclosed and thoroughly clarified everything that I would be coming across to avoid surprises, and wholly supported any decision I made after explaining all pros, cons, risks, her recommendations, etc.

My husband and I trusted her with no hesitations - the knowledge she has is incredible. I think the combination of her intelligence, along with her kind and down-to-earth personality helped me feel secure, confident, and most importantly, empowered. I was able to have two very positive birthing experiences in the comfort of my own home – something I never in a million years would have thought I would be doing. I have my amazing midwife Natalie to thank for that. She is incredibly patient, thoughtful, and an all-around amazing person to have on your birth team.

During an unfortunate hospital visit during my second pregnancy, Natalie spent hours daily at the hospital to ensure I felt supported and safe. She advocated for me to receive the best care from specialists, and followed up with every test, specialist, etc. that I came across. I was never left in the dark, and her honesty and caring demeanour built a foundation of trust, and I fully believe that is the best thing any pregnant woman can experience.

My husband and I are both grateful that we are able to look back on bringing our girls into this world and know that we were safe, cared for, and supported. Having a positive birthing experience means more than can be put into words!
- Colleen Moreau -

"It was reassuring"

As a husband and father, it was reassuring to know that my wife and child's well-being were in Jessica's very loving and capable hands. Any future parents-to-be will be blessed to have Jessica by their side at such a momentous occasion.
- Kurtus Niessen -

"I was able to build strong relationships with each midwife"

My experience with shared midwifery care with Jess and Natalie was excellent. Each midwife used a holistic approach to support me using their unique, yet complimentary styles of care. I was able to build strong relationships with each midwife and felt very supported throughout. Natalie has attended four births in my home and has shown both compassion and skill
- Jane Haywood-Farmer -

"I had a great deal of guidance and support"

I am so grateful to have had midwifery care with Lee Janzen for the birth of my baby girl. Lee was always available when I needed support or advice, and I felt I had great deal of guidance and support to make informed decisions throughout the prenatal, delivery, and postnatal stages.
- Catherine Tatarniuk -

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