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Midwives work in the hospital, home and community. We are committed to supporting you and your family throughout this journey. We are primary maternity care providers and work to provide holistic and client-centred care at each stage of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

As a small team of three midwives, clients in our care will get to know each of us throughout their prenatal care, and have one of us at their delivery.

Jessica Astle

Registered Midwife
Jessica Astle is an internationally educated midwife, having pursued her passion for midwifery whilst living with her husband in Australia. Jessica obtained her Bachelor of Midwifery (B.Mid) in Melbourne, Australia in 2014. After completing her studies, Jessica worked in a tertiary Women & Children’s hospital as a Registered Midwife; caring for both high and low risk women and their babies during this time. This proved to be a fantastic experience and helped to consolidate her midwifery skills as well as develop her own midwifery philosophy.

Jessica then decided to return home to Canada to be close to family. She successfully completed the Internationally Educated Midwifery Bridging Program through UBC. It was during this time that she grew to love Kamloops, and has now settled here with her own family. Jessica has been a Registered Midwife in BC since 2016.
Jessica is passionate about women’s health and considers midwifery to be a fundamental component of building strong, healthy, thriving families and communities. She maintains a calm and gentle approach throughout her care and considers it a privilege to work with women and their families during the momentous and significant journey to motherhood.

Jessica has two young children of her own, which keeps her quite busy these days! When she gets a chance to relax she can be found in the garden or on a beach. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and children and feels grateful to be surrounded by such a beautiful landscape.

Jessica is thrilled to be practising in this wonderful community and looks forward to working with the women and families in her care for many years to come.

Natalie Avery

Registered Midwife
Natalie Avery completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Midwifery at McMaster University in Ontario. Prior to her midwifery degree, Natalie completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biology at Queen’s University.

During her time in the midwifery education program, Natalie had the opportunity of a clinical placement with midwives here in BC and fell in love with this beautiful province. Shortly thereafter, she made the move out west and began practising midwifery in Kamloops.

Natalie became a midwife because she was attracted to the midwifery philosophy and model of care. She feels lucky to have found such a wonderful blend of art and science, and to have the opportunity to connect with and support clients and their families throughout their journeys. 

Natalie is known for her gentle and caring presence and she is a passionate advocate for the clients under her care. She believes that crossing the threshold to motherhood is a profound experience that deserves space and respect. Natalie is thrilled to be serving families in Kamloops.

When Natalie is not busy with midwifery she is kept busy with two young children of her own! She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and camping with her family.

Lee Janzen

Registered Midwife
Lee was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa. She came to Canada in 1992 to attend university, where she achieved a Bachelor of Science with a major in biology and minor in psychology. Lee has always had an interest in health care, specifically in promoting and contributing to women's health and community wellness. During her university studies, Lee attended an information session about a midwifery training program - she knew then that she wanted to be a midwife!
A number of years later, Lee and her husband moved to Dublin, Ireland. She completed a 4-year midwifery program at Trinity College, Dublin, and qualified with a B.Sc. in Midwifery. She returned to Canada and settled in Kamloops, BC, where she has been practising as a Registered Midwife since August 2016. Lee has had the great privilege of learning from many incredible women along the way - at a midwife-led birth unit in Scotland, at a midwife-led birthing clinic in the Philippines, through the UBC Midwifery Bridging Program and with the Kamloops midwives. These experiences have reinforced her love for midwifery and the desire to promote women's health internationally as well as in Canada. Lee is grateful for the wisdom and knowledge that has been shared with her by the many midwives and birthing women she has learned from.
Lee values women, their strengths and their abilities. She believes that childbearing is a beautiful and transformative life journey, and recognizes the profound and lasting effects it can have on women and their families. Lee's hope is always that she will contribute to each woman's experience of pregnancy, birth and being a mother in such a way that they feel strengthened, supported, and confident, and that they discover and trust in their own ability and strength.
When Lee is not learning about or practising midwifery, she loves to spend time with her husband and friends - being together, making and eating good food and playing good music together.

Lee and her husband enjoy canoeing, hiking and camping in the summer, and generally delight in the beautiful outdoors with each other. They also enjoy travelling and experiencing other cultures.

Being creative is restorative for Lee, and she has tried her hands at pottery and painting. She loves music, and enjoys playing the piano and percussion when she can. Lee currently has plans to learn to play the beautiful cello... and then maybe the violin/fiddle! She also just loves to sit on the couch with a restorative cup of tea in hand and watch a good movie!

"I am grateful, and feel incredibly honoured, to share in your birth journeys. I look forward to meeting you!"

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