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No Longer Accepting Applications for 2023 and 2024.

We are sad to announce that we will no longer be taking applications for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024. Natalie is planning to take a step away from midwifery practise to have more time with her family. Lee is planning a leave of absence in the Fall to also spend time with family, with eventual plans to return to midwifery practise in 2024, date to be determined. We certainly have mixed feelings about these changes - we’re sad but also look forward to the new adventures ahead of us! We appreciate your understanding as we move through these transitions!

We have been so happy to serve this community over the last few years with our midwifery practice. It has truly been our privilege to support families through pregnancy, labour and birth and postpartum. Thank you for the honour of being invited into your stories!

About Midwifery Care

In BC, registered midwives offer primary maternity care to healthy pregnant clients and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, until about six weeks following delivery. All midwifery services are covered by your BC Care Card. No referral is required.
Midwifery emphasizes the natural ability to experience birth with minimum intervention, and the principle that all clients are to be respected and supported in all stages of care.

During Your Pregnancy

We offer comprehensive 30-60 minute antenatal appointments. This allows us time to provide personalized care. This offers you the opportunity to build a relationship with our team. Registered midwives can order all standard pregnancy lab work, testing and ultrasounds.

Labour and Birth

We offer choice of birthplace; hospital or home. Midwives work with you to create an empowering and positive labour and birthing experience.

After Baby is Born

Let us come to you! Our team offers home visits for the initial postpartum period. We will then continue to care for you and your baby for a full six weeks postpartum.

Our Team

Lee Janzen

Registered Midwife
  • My experience with shared midwifery care with Jess and Natalie was excellent. Each midwife used a holistic approach to support me using their unique, yet complimentary styles of care. I was able to build strong relationships with each midwife and felt very supported throughout. Natalie has attended four births in my home and has shown both compassion and skill.
    Jane Haywood-Farmer
  • Lee, Jessica and Natalie were all involved in my third pregnancy. I love them all and they all went above and beyond to inform, support, and to be flexible with me. I felt valued, cherished and graciously taken care of during the entire experience! If you have never tried midwifery care but are feeling drawn to it, you will be exceptionally satisfied with the depth and level of care provided by Sage Hills Community Midwives!
    Moriah Prince
  • There’s so much good to say of our pregnancy and birth experience that Jess guided us through. She had a calm and assuring disposition through each meeting and into the delivery. Never once did we feel pressure or judgement to make a certain decision but rather encouraged to do our research (which she went beyond to help find resources for) and do what we were comfortable and happy with. Jess made me feel validated and empowered as a pregnant woman that I was capable of any delivery I chose or encountered and we hope that Jess will be there to bring our next baby into the world as well!
    Alaina Holitzki

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